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An absolute return fund that focuses on delivering strong risk-adjusted returns in most market conditions.

Finding the intersection between value and momentum

Equipped with the knowledge, experience and proven track record, Arbidyne has partnered with Gleneagle Securities (trading as to bring hedge-fund trading to the retail investor.

MAFT Strategy

The MAFT strategy is a proprietary trading framework developed by Arbidyne Capital to identify high probability trades with minimum downside risks.

Risk Management

Products traded include foreign and domestic stocks, foreign and domestic stock index futures, bond futures, currencies, exchange traded funds, commodities and options over all of those products.

Fund Performance

Arbidyne strive to outperform the market with cumulative and steady returns. Yet that does not mean the risk management process must cap upside potential.

Investment Summary

Arbidyne aims to outperform the markets under most trading conditions with portfolio diversification whilst retaining a low correlation to equity markets.

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