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Investment Summary

Program manager

Arbidyne Pty Ltd (“Arbidyne”)

Primary products

Australian, US and some global equities; global index, currencies, fixed income and commodity futures. Derivatives over all those products.

Target returns

20%-40% p.a. after fees


A 30% monthly performance fee with using a high-water mark
An annual management fee 2% charged monthly at 0.16%
All fees are inclusive of GST

Minimum initial investment


Minimum additional investment


Minimum withdrawal


Minimum Balance


Minimum Opt-In Period

None, although our recommended period is for a minimum of one year.

How to Fund Your Account

To make an investment in the MAFT Managed Accounts Service, you can either complete the application form available at Arbidyne’s website or open an IRESS account via Fxtrading’s website. Please make sure you carefully read the documents before sending them through to be processed.

The managed accounts services available as:

An individual or joint account

Trust account

Corporate Account

Main Features

Absolute Returns

By targeting absolute returns over relative returns, the fund can remain focused on the primary goal of producing actual positive returns throughout the economic cycle. Outperforming a benchmark by 10% when the benchmark has fallen by 20% is not a desirable goal for an absolute return fund.

Active Traders

The fund is run by experienced and active traders, not investors. We constanly analyse the markets to assess their underlying conditions and identify opportunities.

Momentum Meets Value

The MAFT Strategy is designed to capture momentum at ‘value’ prices. We achieve this by strategically buying securities that are fundamentally undervalued (cheap) and selling them when they are fundamentall overvalued (expensive).

Portfolio Managers

Because the markets are correlated, the strategy incorporates a portfolio manager’s approach to consider risks at both the security and portfolio level.


Arbidyne Capital runs a diversified portfolio across all major asset classes to mitigate risk, generate stable returns and become less vulnerable to market specific events. Yet, the fund still manage to achieve a low correlation to the equity markets.

Primary Products

Australia & US Equities
Other Global Equities
Global Index Futures
Fixed Income Futures
Commoditity Futures